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It is our aim to be the best: produce the best and most varied range of beers and provide the best service at a very reasonable price. We are members of SIBA (Society Independent Brewers Association) and subscribe to their code of practice which guarantees the wholesomeness of our products.

We use only the finest quality malts, hops and Yeast in all our beers and our customers frequently comment on the quality of our beers and the reliability of our service. Although we are a small team of qualified and dedicated people our beers are available throughout the North West of England and can be found all over the country through our association with large pub company's and national wholesalers.

Permanent Beers (Click for full list)
Cheshire Gold ABV 4.1%
Coachmans Best Bitter ABV 3.7%
Cromwells Best Bitter ABV 4.0%
Dick Turpin Premium Bitter ABV 4.2%
Farriers Best Bitter ABV 3.9%
Flintlock Pale Ale ABV 4.4%
Gunpowder Strong Mild ABV 3.8%
Honeypot Best Bitter ABV 3.8%
Innkeepers Special Reserve ABV 4.5%
Postlethwaite ABV 4.6%
Post Horn Premium Ale ABV 5.0%

Seasonal Beers (Click for full list)
Squires Gold Spring Ale ABV 4.2%
Ostlers Summer Pale Ale ABV 4.0%
Summer Sizzler ABV 4.2%
Taverners Autumn Ale ABV 5.0%
Blunderbus Old Porter ABV 5.5%

Fruit & Spice Beers (Click for full list)
Blueberry ABV 5.0%
Toffee ABV 5.0%
Apricot ABV 5.0%
Banana ABV 5.0%
Gingernut ABV 5.0%
Raspberry ABV 5.0%
Cranberry ABV 5.0%
Lemon ABV 5.0%
Coconut ABV 5.0%
Peach ABV 5.0%
Pineapple ABV 5.0%
Passion Fruit ABV 5.0%
Hot Ginger ABV 5.0%
Strawberry ABV 5.0%
Banoffee ABV 4.2%
Ginger & Lemon ABV 5.0%
Pink Grapefruit ABV 5.0%
Cherry ABV 5.0%
Cinnamon ABV 4.2%
Special Occasion Beers (Click for full list)
Bootleg Valentine Ale ABV 5.0%

Regal Birthday Ale ABV 4.7%

Rabbit Punch ABV 4.0% (Brewed Specially for Easter)

Combine Harvester ABV 5.1%

Wizards Wonder Halloween Ale ABV 4.6%
Cracker Barrel Bonfire Bitter ABV 4.6%
Countdown ABV 4.7%
Three Kings Christmas Ale 6.0%
Xmas Pudding ABV 4.4%
Christmas Stocking ABV 4.3%

Four Nations Beers (Click for full list)
Burns Aulde Sleekit ABV 5.5%
Dewi Sant Heritage Ale ABV 4.7%
St Patrtick's Leprechaun Ale ABV 4.9%
St George's Heritage Ale ABV 4.9%

Bottle Beers (Click for full list)
Blueberry Classic Bitter ABV 5.0%
Cheshire Gold ABV 4.1%

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